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Have HOPE!

Today is a day CARL is celebrating a special foster to adopt! HOPE is going home with Jennifer who plans to love her to pieces with her family and provide a great home for our dear Hope! Thank you!
Do you remember the story of Hope? Hope.AdoptedCARL got a phone call informing us that a dog we had a long time ago was homeless again and alone on the streets of San Diego. She was considered “vicious” and “threatening to staff” and the shelter there was going to euthanize her! Due to her microchip, CARL was called. There was no hesitation, CARL is committed to our dogs for LIFE! We rescued her, again. She had some challenges to overcome showing some strong fear, reactiveness, and instability. Mike Klee, volunteer, quickly befriended her, as well as Rob, volunteer,  and many other volunteers showing her how to love again, to trust again. Luckily, Pete Rodrigues from K-9 101 Consulting helped her out for several weeks. After some intense rehabilitation, here’s where he got her! and this one of her having fun

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a foster, and she had to come back to the kennel and started some of her bad habits again. Then, volunteer Marion Tabor stepped in and gave her the of attention she really needed to be ready for a chance at adoption, training, socializing, and gaining more trust. The special someone came along just in time, we couldn’t be happier for Hope and her family.

Have HOPE, my friends. Keep giving these rescue dogs HOPE. Don’t give up on them, share their stories, their pictures. Remember they can change; they can learn to trust again. It may not be a perfect process, but it is one worth taking, one worth keeping HOPE for.Hope

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