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Ralphs Community Contribution Program

ralphs rewards cardPlease register with Ralphs Community Contribution Program to help our orphaned dogs. Each time you use your Ralphs Rewards card, the Canine Adoption and Rescue League will receive a contribution of 1-4% on every dollar spent at Ralphs. There is no additional cost to you as part of this program.

Here’s how to participate:

1. Create a Ralph’s account online by clicking the orange Register button in the upper right hand side of the screen. (Or if you already have a Ralph’s account online, simply click Sign In in the upper right.)

2. Click on the My Account button to get the Account Summary Screen.

3. Under the Rewards section, you’ll need to link a Rewards card. If you already have a Rewards card click Add Card and fill out the appropriate information using your Rewards card. If you do not already have a Rewards card, you’ll need to click the link to “Get a digital Rewards card online today.”

4. Once you’ve created an account AND linked a Rewards card, go back to the Community Contribution Program page and click the Enroll Now button at the bottom.

5. Follow the online instructions, and when asked for the NPO number, please insert 80836 for the Canine Adoption and Rescue League.

Unfortunately it’s not a one-time enrollment. Each year you will need to re-enroll to make sure C.A.R.L. receives your contribution. However, you only need to complete steps 1 through 3 one time.

The next time you purchase from Ralphs, check the bottom of your receipt. It should have printed
“At your request, Ralphs is donating to Canine Adoption and Rescue League.” If this does not appear, then you’ll have to re-enroll in the program for C.A.R.L. to receive any donations from your shopping trips at Ralphs. This is a policy of Ralphs.

Thank you for enrolling/re-enrolling so our doggies benefit from your shopping at Ralphs!