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The Joys of Fostering at C.A.R.L. , Part 1 – Getting Started

One of the greatest strengths of C.A.R.L. is the flexibility to make a difference on YOUR terms. So if you have a specific desire to foster a particular breed, age range or size, we understand. From birthing of puppies to caring for seniors, all the aspects of foster care giving are covered. For example, we have some fosters that only take in pregnant mothers pulled from animal regulation. They will give the family a safe haven to nurture the pups; and once ready, we find homes for EVERYONE!

These are general categories of Fosters homes that we need available. All medical care and food will be covered by our rescue; your job is to provide the love!

Senior dogs: These can be of the saddest and most confused canines. Some are there because their owners have passed on; some for less understandable circumstances. They are wonderful companions, and still quite adoptable. But because of age, we do not want them to suffer from depression or spend too much time on cement flooring. It is quite exciting to them when they are welcomed into a new family again!

Small dogs: These little ones can become fearful in a loud kennel, so we would like them to find a Foster home ASAP once they are in our program. They tend to find homes quicker than the larger dogs; plus they have the benefit of generally getting along easily with other small dogs (and sometimes cats).

Hospice: This could be for any dog, old or young. Having someone who can be home most of the time, would be best. There might be trips to the veterinarian, and medications to be dispensed. We would prefer all our dogs to spend their last days in a quiet and loving environment.

Mothers & puppies: All of our heart strings are tugged at the thought of them on death row, and unfortunately that is where we have saved them. Thankfully we have had amazing success finding homes for these pups. We still have a few Moms that have not found their forever homes, and are working to get them the attention they need to get rehomed.

Large dogs: It seems that some have a tough time being picked for the “home” team from our assortment of dogs; and have gotten left behind through NO fault of their own. There are a few that have been in our care too long, and desperately need to be moved into foster care. They all have terrific personalities. Our staff will work with you to match life styles; that can be active or couch potato! All are just regular dogs that need love.

If you have an interest in Fostering please take a look at this page to get started:
We can save many more lives, if we have the Foster homes!

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