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One of C.A.R.L.’s Most Difficult Rescues from 2011

By Lynne Bohney

emily rescue

Emily is a lovely female Boxer but, sadly, her amazing story begins when she was dumped and abandoned in the parking lot of the Camarillo Animal Shelter in the Spring of 2011. She was taken in by the shelter, but her injuries and health problems were numerous, so they scheduled her for euthanasia. Luckily, a member of a Boxer rescue group in Washington state was monitoring the shelter’s website and saw the haunting photo of an emaciated and injured Boxer. The photo tugged at her heart strings. Action was imperative as euthanasia was scheduled for that morning.

That person quickly contacted Canine Adoption and Rescue League to see if we could help. After consulting with Board members, C.A.R.L decided to pull her immediately and see what we could do to save this precious dog. If recovery was not feasible, at least arrange for her to be humanely euthanized in a warm and comfortable place surrounded by love.

She was immediately taken to Dr. Fryer at Oak View Animal Hospital. Emily was made their immediate priority. The diagnosis: Tetanus which paralyzed her tail and gave her lock jaw which prevented her from eating, Valley Fever that had invaded her bones (including her jaw and hind leg) and a bladder infection that prevented her from urinating, as well as two open wounds on her hindquarters where the bone was completely exposed. Her body weight was down to only 33 lbs.

Treatment began immediately: surgically implanting a feeding tube, catheter, and administering antibiotics through an IV. Emily began improving immediately and after two weeks was moved to a foster family’s home. After only 4 months she had gained 15 pounds and was running and playing with the other dogs.

Emily was subsequently adopted from the C.A.R.L. adoption center by a family with two children who named her “Boxey”.

emily rescue
She now sleeps on the couch with her companion—the family cat and enjoys hiking. She continues to take medication for her Valley Fever, which will probably be a life long treatment, but her prognosis is excellent and she has already exceeded all expectations of recovery.

This is a rescue where many people stepped up and worked together to save one precious dog, but this could not have happened without Emily’s strong will to fight and live. It also could not have been done without the generous donations from our supporters. If you would like to donate to C.A.R.L’s medical fund to help save more dogs like Emily, please click on our PayPal. Thank you so much for helping us make a difference.

emily rescue

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