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People Foods That Are Toxic to Pets

Terriers taking treats

Photo courtesy of Deanwissing. (Creative Commons License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Dogs certainly are our best friend. We share walks with them, cuddles, and even the coach, but should we share what’s on our plates, too? Here’s a list of five people foods that should never be offered to your dog:

1. Chocolate

While methylxanthine, a key stimulant in chocolate, is harmless to humans, even minor ingestion by a dog can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst and hyperactivity. In more serious cases, it can also be found fatal. Avoid even the smallest pieces as a treat for your dog.

2. Milk

Cat’s lapping up milk with their tongue is a common image. Did you know that both cats AND dogs have problems breaking down lactose in dairy products? Milks and milk-based products should be avoided in order to keep them free of diarrhea or an upset stomach.

3. Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages and foods containing alcohol can lead to severe illness in your dog if consumed. Beer hops are very poisonous to dogs and may cause them to become restless, pant excessively, and and even have muscle seizures. Be sure to clean up alcoholic beverage spills quickly and efficiently, before your dog has a taste test.

4. Grapes & Raisins

Although they make for a great healthy snack during the day, or a guilt-free nibble while watching a movie, there’s a toxic substance within grapes and raisins that can cause kidney failure in canines. Be sure to hunt out stray raisins that may have rolled under the coach, and within dog reach.

5. Raw/Undercooked Meat and Bones

Plenty of cartoons show canines chomping on a big juicy raw steak or a larger than life bone, but it’s these carnivorous assumptions that can cause serious harm to your pooch. Raw meat, for example, contains harmful bacteria such as Salmonella and E. Coli that can lead to skin problems, while bones on the other hand, can easily splinter, cause a choking hazard, or become lodged in or puncture your dog’s digestive system.

By feeding your dog treats from a reputable pet food company, instead of treats from your plate, you lower the risk that he’ll ingest food that’s toxic to him. If your dog does eat the wrong food, or has symptoms of poisoning, contact your vet immediately


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