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You’ve decided to give up your pet, and you’re wondering if Canine Adoption and Rescue League can take your dog.

Please be aware that…

1. We receive 10 – 20 requests a week for us to take a dog in.

2. We have a very limited amount of space and very few foster homes available. Before we can rescue a dog, one of our current dogs must find a home first. Dogs who are not in foster homes and housed in a kennel have preference when a foster home is available.

3. We have limited funds to house dogs that do not have foster homes and our organization relies entirely on donations. Unlike the animal shelter we do not receive government funds for support, nor do we use euthanasia to make room for others, one a dog is in our program we will continue to try to find a home for that dog forever.

You’re moving and can’t find a place that accepts pets.

If you need to find a rental that allows pets, try these helpful sites.

People with Pets –
The Humane Society –

You just don’t have time for your pet. He deserves a home that can give him more attention.

We can’t even tell you how often we hear this. But unfortunately your pet does not have a voice. He can’t tell you that he would rather stay with the family he has known and loved all his life. Animals ask for so little in return for their unconditional love. We humans are not nearly so selfless. That must be why we crave the love of these wonderful creatures. Think about your day, you must have 5 minutes in your schedule to play some ball or spend some time snuggling with your pet when you sit down to watch your favorite TV program. Most dogs and cats are not that demanding, they are happy with any attention you give them. Dogs and cats have feelings, too… they go through psychological torment when they lose their family. Your pet deserves to stay with the family he/she loves.

Your dog is out of control, jumps on you and your kids, destroys your house, etc.

Every dog around 8 months old to 2 years old goes through a difficult period. Usually some Training can help! Trust us, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You just need better communication with your dog, and you both will get through it. And guess what your reward will be? A pet that will love you unconditionally for the rest of its life! We can recommend some local trainers that have been very helpful to some of the dogs that have been through our program.

Your dogs don’t get along well with each other.

Before you decide you need to separate the dynamic duo or trio or whatever, contact a behaviorist to evaluate the situation. It may not be as bad as you thought. Perhaps the problem can easily be solved and you can keep on loving your canine buddies. Contact a local trainer for help. C.A.R.L. can make some recommendations.

Your dog is aggressive towards people.

Once again, our suggestion is to contact a Trainer or Behaviorist that specializes in aggression. When sometimes a dog seems to be more than you can handle it can be overwhelming. Often, however, the problem can be solved. Contact a local trainer in your area for help.

When you really have no choice.

Now, granted, there are special circumstances that require some people to give up their beloved pets. While Canine Adoption and Rescue League is dedicated to rescuing dogs from the shelters and streets, and may therefore not be able to take your dog, we can offer you help and advice.

And while you’re doing that, make up flyers with your pet’s information. A cute picture and story go a long way! Post those flyers in local vet offices and pet stores and network, network, network! It’s up to YOU to find your pet a safe and loving home.

Things to remember…

  • There are 189,000 animals put to death in Los Angeles each year.
  • Most shelters are full, often putting 2 or more dogs in one kennel. In order to make room for your dog, all the animals in one of the kennels must be destroyed.
  • A stray dog is generally given 5 working days to be adopted… if that dog is not adopted, it will be put to sleep, sometimes as soon as that first day. Your dog (an owner turn-in) can be euthanized after the mandatory time frame (a minimum of 2 days).
  • The shelters are full of young and older dogs, purebred and mixed, sweet and shy… don’t assume your dog will be easily placed just because he’s cute or has a great personality.
  • When you adopted or bought your dog, you took on the responsibility of that dog for the rest of its life. Remember that a dog is an actual life – not a piece of furniture to be given away when it no longer fits. Dogs are such wonderful, compassionate, giving souls… we hope you find it in your heart to keep your pet.