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Welcome to Canine Adoption and Rescue League's alumni page! We are pleased to bring you the happy faces of our dogs who are now living the good life in their new homes. Thank you to everyone who has sent in photos of their special new family member(s). If you have adopted a dog from C.A.R.L. and would like to have their picture featured on this page, please email them to

Magic (2-20-17)

I tried to get a decent picture of Magic, but every time I try he walks away. He really hates the flash.



Sophie (2-12-17)

Hi. Sharing a recent picture of Sophie who is becoming quite comfortable and fitting right in. Very peaceful and loyal dog who loves the attention.
Thanks again.
Robyn and Dave

Face (2-3-17)

Ace "Aka" Face has bonded with his new family and is very happy! He says hi.
-Sandy (C.A.R.L. volunteer and Face's foster Mom)



Jeff and Spiro (1-21-17)

This is how we woke up today!

KP (1-21-17)


We just got back from a walk 🙂 and I was feeling bad I hadn't emailed. He's doing great! He's been super sweet which I knew he would be :):) we gave him a bath when we got done with the trip which he took super well. He even let me blow dry him which was unexpected!

I'm gonna try and start from the beginning.

He seemed to remember my mom's house and my mom said he seemed super attached to me there, perked up when he heard my voice from the other room. I'd like to imagine that he remembered me once he got there, but it could very well all be in my imagination. No matter what I am most happy that he's got his own forever home now. ** I was going to say that he's surrounded by people who love him but thankfully I think he had that all along :)**

He loves his dog bed. He was amazing on the trip. Didn't seem to want dry food which concerned me, but took all his meds very well, minimal whining and has changed that a bit since he's done traveling. We got home and he took his tour of his new home and loves to lay in the sun in the backyard but mostly to be in whatever room we are in. I took him to his new vet just for a meet and greet/checkup to decide if we liked that place. We got him a couple shots and a refill on his meds so we wouldn't be in danger of running out without realizing, got him registered here and a local tag etc. The vet complimented C.A.R.L. and said that you seemed to be very attentive to his needs from what she could see on the documentation that we gave them (thank you a million times). He seemed to be comfortable there and they have great reviews and seemed to be very knowledgeable, friendly and willing to work around his dog aggression which I appreciated.

We got to spend a whole week off work once we got to Texas while we were getting our house together and we experimented with how far he can walk etc. His vet said to walk him as much as he seems comfortable. He usually picks up a trot a couple times during the walk and we try and take him on varying routes just to give him some new experiences. We did walk him a little too far one night I think. He seemed fine on the walk, confident on his feet, no shakes, happy demeanor. The next day he was super shaky on the floor (we have a big area rug coming soon which should help him out on the hard floors in future) so we took that to mean that the previous night was too far and scaled back and have been bringing the distance up very slowly ever since.

He had one instance of chewing, but I think it's maybe because we went back to work after being with him 24/7. No other behavioral incidences though, so I think it's an isolated thing. I don't notice any whining or nervous behavior outside the one chewing incident. **Aside from the time he was laying next to me on the couch and I was eating fresh cooked salmon and didn't give in to his begging :P**

Speaking of, I've gotten him healthy treats (the ones that are good for joints, or his teeth) and he seems to love them (we only give them in moderation). I would love to spoil him with whatever we are eating but the vet said it's important to keep his weight where it's at which makes sense. I don't want to do anything to worsen his pain ever.

Suddenly I'm realizing that this email is forever long and I probably sound insane, but honestly he's my grandpa baby dog and I just love him to death and I want him to have everything that keeps him healthy and makes him happy lol. He's the best 🙂

Thank You to everyone at C.A.R.L. I love what you do for animals and I can't even tell you how much I appreciate your love and care for him over the years. He walks so great on a leash, he adjusted immediately to being inside, he's so well behaved (even if that wasn't the case I'd love him just the same, but it certainly makes life easier).

Thank You!
- Shannon




Sparrow (1-12-17)

Happy 1 year adoptiversary to our little Rey Rey, the sweetest and happiest pup ever! Thank you Canine Adoption and Rescue League - C.A.R.L. and C.A.R.L. volunteer Amanda for bringing our cuddly girl into our lives.
-William and Elizabeth



Norman (1-8-17)

Here are a few pictures of Jake (fka Norman) and Daisy. At almost 15 years old, Daisy does a pretty good job of keeping up with Jake. The picture of Jake and me was taken in our motor home. Both dogs love to go traveling and they are very good.

Best wishes,
Barbara and Burt



I'll miss you too Aunty Terry.




Face (1-6-17)

My new name is Ace!


Ace with his Mom and sisters.


Of course I was on the nice list!


May I drive you somewhere?


KP (1-4-17)

It took a while, but KP has come full circle and is back with his forever family.



I'll miss you too Aunty Terry.






Spiro and Jeff (1-4-17)

Can't handle the pittie cuddles! -Amanda

Kasey (12-28-16)

Merry Christmas!

Kasey is still doing amazing 11+ years and counting. He is staying young chasing around his little sister and brother!

The Mraules



JoJo (12-28-16)

Jojo taking a ride with my new bear!!! The most fun Christmas present! It even plays songs! -Denise


(Click to enlarge)

Walter (12-28-16)

Happy 2nd Birthday Walter!! We sure do love this little guy! -Tawny

Walter was hit by a car and relinquished to the vet. He came into our program when one of our long time volunteers generously sponsored and fostered him. Walter also received many generous donations towards his many vet bills. We're so thrilled to see him so happy and much loved. You may read about Walter by clicking his link Walter's Story.

Andre (12-27-16)

Andre with his new Dad.



Hannah (12-28-16)

Hannah all smiles in front of the Christmas tree.

Little Bit (12-27-16)

I adopted Little Bit from C.A.R.L. about a year and a half ago. Just want to let you all know, she is doing great and is the light of my life!! Thank you for all the hard work you guys do.

I know that she had a brother named Whiskey who was also adopted through C.A.R.L. If Whiskey's family ever reads these posts, I would love them to contact me so we can arrange a play date!



Hannah (12-27-16)

Hannah just got her hair done! Love ❤️ her. -Pamela

Gracie (12-26-16)

Gracie (on the right) and Dayla, aka Stevie Nicks. Neighbors and best friends, wishing all of you at C.A.R.L. a very Merry Christmas. -Randy



Stevie Nicks (12-25-16)

Merry Christmas from Dayla, aka Stevie Nicks

Dotty (12-19-16)

It was this time of year in 2013 when my husband and I decided that it would be a good idea to adopt a dog for his father as his Christmas present (with consent of mom!) It was also about that time we found the most beautiful, well behaved, gentle Dalmatian you will ever meet in your life! Thank you Canine Adoption and Rescue League - CARL for taking in this amazing dog and thank you for allowing her to become a part of our family!

Dottie has been an absolute blessing... more than you'll ever know! Thank you!

P.s. She turned 7 this year



Pretty Boy (12-11-16)

Enjoy your first of many more Christmas holidays with your new Mom!


Kodi (12-7-16)

I just wanted to let you know that Kobe (formerly known as Kodi) is doing well with her new family. I don't have many pictures but she just got a bath for Halloween.



Molly (12-3-16)

Molly stopped by to visit with Santa.

Angelina (12-3-16)


Starbuck (12-3-16)