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Welcome to Canine Adoption and Rescue League's alumni page! We are pleased to bring you the happy faces of our dogs who are now living the good life in their new homes. Thank you to everyone who has sent in photos of their special new family member(s). If you have adopted a dog from C.A.R.L. and would like to have their picture featured on this page, please email them to


Blackie (8-2-17)

Ricky fka Blackie happy to hear his dad Oreo is getting adopted.



Raider (7-25-17)

In 2011, Canine Adoption and Rescue League saved 11 dogs and 4 puppies from being euthanized. They were being held as evidence in an alleged dog fighting/breeding
ring. Raider was one of the puppies that was adopted from us by a wonderful woman named Jackie. Today she sent us this wonderful update. Thank you Jackie for giving Raider (now Palo) such an amazing new life!

Palo earning two AKC Beginner Novice legs, and two first place ribbons, in Rohnert Park, California.
County Wide Dog Training Club
Saturday, July 22, 2017
Judges were Noelle Pilat and Ken Blanchard



Cody (7-21-17)

Thank god for all the work you are doing. Without C.A.R.L. I would not have my baby Bodie. - Matt


Daisy (7-25-17)

Jewell (fka Daisy) resting lovingly in her Dad's arms.


Kitko (7-15-17)


Patches (7-15-17)


Colt (7-16-17)


Copper (7-9-17)

Just wanted to update everyone on Shelby (Copper). She is even more wonderful than I could have ever imagined. She loves giving little kisses and our afternoon walkies followed by lots of tummy rubs.



Mindy (6-14-17)

We are an overjoyed and happy family! This little pup has made our family complete. Many thanks to Tortilla's foster mom and all the helpful C.A.R.L. employees and volunteers. They all truly want the best for these dogs and work hard to do so. We couldn't have asked for a better fit. Three days in, we are already making lifelong memories.
Thanks again!
Mike, Lisette, Sawyer, and Tortilla (formerly Mindy)

Ariel (6-10-17)




Addison (6-8-17)


We adopted Addison (Maya) little less than five years ago.

I thought it's important to let you know that she went into surgery yesterday :(. They decompressed her spinal chord :(((. Just in two days she went into paralysis due to the spine problem.

She's doing well, and shows good signs of recovery. We don't know if she's going to walk yet, but keeping our fingers crossed. Please keep her in your kind prayers.

She's the sweetest dog, seriously. She's also super smart (she can count, and she also recognizes some letters of the alphabet), she behaves impeccably well, never mind the cuteness. Sorry didn't mean to brag, but we're very grateful you let us take her home.

Thank you and hope to see you soon.
-Mila and Yas





Mojoe (6-2-17)

Hi 🙂
I adopted Blu (Mojoe). Wanted to send you some pictures. He's come such a long way and is doing great! I'm so in love with him. He's the best!

He's so well behaved and is nice to all people and animals.. he likes to chase squirrels and birds though. He's so so sweet.



Shadow (5-23-17)

Shadow living the good life.



Woody (5-20-17)

Woody visited the adoption center and he's doing very well.

Coco (5-11-17)

12 years ago, I adopted Coco, a beautiful 4 year old pug female from The Humane League. My dear friend, John Champagne was a volunteer at the time and knew Coco and I would be the perfect fit for each other. Little did I know how right he was. Coco and I immediately bonded. She quickly chose me as her person in the pack (our family) and she captured my whole heart. She became that special "lifetime" dog to me. The one considered the Best Dog Ever. Whatever I did and wherever I went, Coco was with me. From running errands with me to laying at my feet folding clothes in the laundry room and being the first to greet me after a long work shift, she was an incredible companion, not to mention she was always in perfect health. 12 years of living, laughing, learning, loving and time I always appreciated with my sweet girl.

Yesterday, on a beautiful sunny afternoon, Coco earned her wings and as lovingly as she entered my life, she crossed the rainbow bridge in the same graceful way. I can't thank The Humane League/CARL for trusting me and for giving Coco to a perfect match. Fly high and run free sweet Coco.



Tidbit (5-11-17)

Tidbit is doing great in his new home with his new brother Rufus (a C.A.R.L. alumni).

Copper (5-7-17)

1 week update! Shelby (Copper) is adjusting well and already part of our dog family! Feels like we have always had her. Love this girl more every day. Thank you again!




Copper (5-3-17)

Shelby (Copper) is doing great! She's been getting lots of trips to the park. And we found out she absolutely loves car rides. -Fiona



Cali (5-1-17)

One year, today, with Cali and she fits right in with the family... she took over my spot to sleep!
Thank you C.A.R.L.! - Jennifer

Copper (4-30-17)

Love this girl so much already!
Thank you! -Fiona



Bella (4-23-17)

Logan (3-31-17)



Lexi and Missy (3-19-17)

I adopted these two beautiful dogs in September from your rescue league and I just wanted to tell you I could not be happier with them. They mind very well and they are so lovable. They sleep on my bed with me every night and they are great companions.

Anyone thinking about getting a pet dog, I would highly recommend adopting an older dog and giving them a better life.




Flipper (3-18-17)

Our spoiled Trigger (fka Flipper) having his morning pupachino from starbucks. He sends love from Utah.

Maverick (3-9-17)

4 yrs ago today I adopted Maverick from C.A.R.L. Giving him a forever home, and gained a forever best friend! Thank you to everyone at C.A.R.L., and keep up the great work!



Zeus (3-4-17)

Zeus is our newest family member and will have a great life❤️
Thank You, Debbie and Mike