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Where’s Bixby?

Bixby and his human Mike stopped by our adoption center today to visit and help spread the word on our sweet boy Magic. Below is Bixby’s post from his Facebook page.

OK Y’all. This is a very special pooch here. His name is Magic and he’s been in a shelter his entire life. He was brought into the Canine Adoption Rescue League (C.A.R.L.) back in 2006 as a pup and has never found the right home. He’s now a senior. He’s a bit frail and missing most of his teeth, but he’s got something younger dogs don’t, Wisdom. Though he’s been in a shelter most of his life he’s seen friends come and go and has welcomed hundreds of scared pooches entering the shelter over the years. He’s puts them at ease and reassures them that they will soon find a new home, all the while hoping for a new home himself. It’s time. Though he’s well loved at C.A.R.L., there’s nothing they want more than to see him live out the rest of his days in a loving home where he can receive the love and attention that he deserves. I, Bixby, would be happy to facilitate this. The older you get, the more concentrated your love gets and he’s chopped full of love in its purest form. That’s why he’s Magic. Let’s get Magic a home. Come on y’all.

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