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Burnice Kraemer Sanctuary

All of us who knew and cared for Burnice Kraemer will never forget that it was because she shared our dream that the Canine Adoption and Rescue League became reality. For many years, Burnice volunteered in every local effort to help needy animals. During that time (when we were known as The Humane League) she was especially concerned that, even with all our efforts to place them into loving homes, so many dogs remained homeless, or were condemned to government euthanasia. Sadly for us all, Burnice died, but it was in her passing that she both made it possible for us to obtain the property on which we have created C.A.R.L. and was the inspiration for The Burnice Kraemer Sanctuary.

In the California world of animal welfare, it is probably a unique idea. By creating a boarding kennel in which the carefully chosen professional staff are given willing assistance of many animal-loving volunteers, we are able to promise the owners who board with C.A.R.L. a kennel which is as close to home as a beloved pet could ever find. And as well as knowing that chats with the dogs are as regular as meals, walks, and treats, owners have the pleasure of knowing that there is no commercial profit-making involved. All kennel charges are used to help make possible the charitable Burnice Kraemer Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary is adjacent to CARL’s Pet Care Center. It is where the dogs live who are mostly learning about love for the first time – often abandoned, often aging, sometimes recovering from injury or abuse, frequently just needing a place to grow after being offered ‘for free’ outside a grocery store while still tiny puppies. All now assured that kindness will be forever because of a wonderful person who cared.

We thank Burnice Kraemer, remember her with love, and feel that you will be glad to have heard of all that she did for those who cannot ask.