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bruno_foster_graphicYet another way in which the Canine Adoption and Rescue League uses volunteers is in its foster home system.

Canine Adoption and Rescue League relies on a network of “foster homes” to provide a safe and loving environment while they await adoption into their permanent homes.

Canine Adoption and Rescue League provides each foster family with food, vet care, and training assistance, as necessary. The only thing the foster family needs to provide is a loving and nurturing home environment for the dog.

One of the major benefits of “foster” care, as opposed to the traditional shelter, is that the dogs/puppies are being socialized in the environments into which they are being adopted.

Foster care also gives us the ability to provide prospective adopters with a very accurate profile of the prospective “adoptee”, regarding general temperament; house breaking; socialization level with other dogs, cats, and children; whether or not the dog is a jumper, digger, or chewer, etc.

Such daily care and close observation also provides us with the opportunity to address behavioral problems before they become too instilled.

Becoming a Foster Parent

The only requirement to be a Canine Adoption and Rescue League foster family is a love of animals, a dedication to helping those who cannot help themselves, and a safe and secure home environment.

Please contact us about being a foster parent. It can be a very rewarding experience for the foster and the dog. You can help Canine Adoption and Rescue League fulfill its goal!


Lacey’s foster brother Dr. Riley gives her an exam.


Lacey thanks him with a kiss.

Still not sure? Donna started out as Yoda’s foster Mom, but quickly fell in love and made him a permanent part of her family. He recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge, having left an indelible mark in her life and she in his. Please click here to read more…

Interested in fostering? Please fill out an online Foster Application (click to open).

Available Foster Dogs

The table below contains information about the dogs we currently have available to foster (and adopt). We try our best to determine the breed of the dogs. However, with rescue dogs there is always an element of guesswork and there is usually no guarantee as to the exact breed mix of the dogs.

Tips to help you search for your perfect foster dog in the table below:

1. Click on the column header that you’d like to sort by. This will arrange dogs by that characteristic. Click the column header once to sort in descending order, and click again to sort in ascending order.

2. Click on the individual row to learn more about that particular dog.

3. You can also use the Search field to search for breed, age, gender, name, and coat length. For example, you could type in any ONE of the following, or similar phrases, to get matches: German Shepherd; female; adult; Stella; medium coat