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Welcome to Canine Adoption and Rescue League's alumni page! We are pleased to bring you the happy faces of our dogs who are now living the good life in their new homes. Thank you to everyone who has sent in photos of their special new family member(s). If you have adopted a dog from C.A.R.L. and would like to have their picture featured on this page, please email them to

Ox (11-17-17)

It's me, Ox! Well, actually my new family thought that since I had a new life they'd give me a new name. They call me "Hoss", which sounds a lot like Ox. It really doesn't matter what they call me as long as they don't call me late for dinner.

Speaking of dinner... I am packing on the pounds! Sweetie (




Teddi (11-10-17)

Teddi is happy. -Rosemary

Rufus (11-1-17)

Rufus and Frankie stayed home to guard the house and pass out candy. As you can see, we were a minion family. Rufus was a spider and Frankie, a bride. And believe it or not, that's the first family picture we've taken all together since we got Rufus.



Angel (10-29-17)

Angel with her new parents.

Lacey (10-28-17)

Even with the cancer, she still has a healthy appetite. Stole the pizza box from the kitchen. Haha. Sweet girl. -Jessica


Elsie (10-26-17)

Elsie is doing great and we are loving her so much! -Liz











Gracie (10-24-17)

Gracie on vacation in Pine Mountain



Reese (10-12-17)

I think Reese is adjusting pretty well.
- Carol

Hodor (10-9-17)

Hodor stops in at Lowe's with his new mom Sydney. They think he is the greatest dog ever. We do too.




Happy at the park!

Kitko (9-22-17)

Kitko has found a permanent home. We love him and he's happy. He's getting used to living with a cat and a bird. He's a great addition to our family.

Barkley (9-3-17)

Will fka Barkley celebrated his first birthday this summer and he is a strapping 55 pounds. As you can see he is as beautiful as he was as a pup. We celebrated with a trip to Mammoth Lakes and he smelled a lot of new smells! I'm so happy and thankful C.A.R.L. brought us together.



Duncan (8-31-17)

Duncan after his grooming. What a handsome guy! We love him so much. Thank you for letting me adopt him as well as the good care he received at C.A.R.L.

Annie (8-30-17)

There is nothing we love more than bumping into former adopters. As Denise reminded us this past week, C.A.R.L. alumni Annie "adopted" her 6 years ago! Congratulations to Denise on her upcoming retirement and congratulations to Annie for "adopting" such a great human!



Duncan (8-28-17)

Duncan is happy in his new home.

Burt and Bernie (8-24-17)

I am delighted to share that Blake Donovan's greatest hope for "the kids" has come to pass. Today they were adopted, as a pair, and are moving to Bel Air. Brandon, their new pal (shown in the pictures) loaded them up and they are off to live with their new mom, Chelsea Handler. Their faces went to her heart when she met them. They knew a good dog person and worked her as only they can. Everyone at C.A.R.L. will miss them, they are such a delight, but we are so happy to see them go into a truly loving situation. And who knows, maybe they will be stars, they would not be the first of Chelsea's four-legged family to make it on TV. Best wishes to Bert and Bernie!

And I received a report of their arrival in their new home:

Everything has been amazing they made it to their new home. They are doing great — seemingly very content and comfortable. Lounging about. They were fed next to one another and did just fine.



Picture perfect adoption photo.


Can you believe it Burt? We're getting adopted today!


Burt takes one last look, but Bernie is more interested in checking out their riding accommodations.

Flipper (8-18-17)

It's Trigger's (fka Flipper) 5th birthday! He had a shopping spree with his BFF at Petco to celebrate.




Tito (8-18-17)

Sweet little Tito, now Zito, is adjusting very well to life on the mountain. He is very respectful of our cat and just wants to cuddle and play games!

-Claire and Zaryan

Poker (8-18-17)

Hi Team CARL!

This is a way overdue update. Poker who's now re-named Tucker has been getting settled into Santa Barbara.

He's an incredible sweet and turns out very trainable dog. In just 3 training sessions he was a totally different dog on the leash. He's still in training about once a week to make sure he's ok off leash and with voice commands, but he loves it and his trainers love him.

Aside from that he has a lot of pals at 2 different doggie day cares in Santa Barbara. He LOVES going there and can't wait to go play and swim.

He gets around town with me on evenings and weekends. He's very popular at a few favorite restaurants with dog-friendly patios. He loves the park, beach and pretty much anything outside.

He is very comfortable in his new home and such a pleasure to have as part of the family.

Thank you for everything!

Julie and Tucker








Blackie (8-2-17)

Ricky fka Blackie happy to hear his dad Oreo is getting adopted.



Raider (7-25-17)

In 2011, Canine Adoption and Rescue League saved 11 dogs and 4 puppies from being euthanized. They were being held as evidence in an alleged dog fighting/breeding
ring. Raider was one of the puppies that was adopted from us by a wonderful woman named Jackie. Today she sent us this wonderful update. Thank you Jackie for giving Raider (now Palo) such an amazing new life!

Palo earning two AKC Beginner Novice legs, and two first place ribbons, in Rohnert Park, California.
County Wide Dog Training Club
Saturday, July 22, 2017
Judges were Noelle Pilat and Ken Blanchard



Cody (7-21-17)

Thank god for all the work you are doing. Without C.A.R.L. I would not have my baby Bodie. - Matt


Daisy (7-25-17)

Jewell (fka Daisy) resting lovingly in her Dad's arms.


Kitko (7-15-17)


Patches (7-15-17)