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IMPORTANT NOTE: The animals shown below are courtesy listings for private rescuers or for individuals who need to re-home their own pets. CONTACT THE INDIVIDUAL WHO IS LISTED AT THE BOTTOM OF EACH BIO. DO NOT SEND ANY E-MAILS OR CALL C.A.R.L. ABOUT THESE PETS. We will have no additional information to provide you. All information has been provided by the program participants. 


I am currently housing two dogs for a man who has had a run of bad luck over the past two years.

Additionally, two weeks ago, in an attempt to rob him, three men beat this man by hitting his legs with metal pipes. He was released from the hospital two days ago, but can not yet walk.

He can no longer take care of the dogs. He cannot afford to buy food for the dogs.

I already have two dogs, and my dogs do not get along with his dogs.

I have constructed a barrier in my back yard, so that this man's two dogs have a place to stay, and so that his dogs and my dogs do not interact. I tried to keep them together, but that did not work out.

The dogs man does not spend any time with his dogs. I feed his dogs and give them water. However, it is heart-breaking that these two dogs do not receive love or attention.

The dogs are a mother and her son. They are American Shropshire Terriers. The mother is named Layla and the son Finley. I believe the mother is 4 or 5 years old, and the son 1 or 2.

The owner told me that he rescued Layla from an abusive owner.

Layla appears to be traumatized. She usually has her tail between her legs, and appears to be scared most of the time. Finley is a healthy young male. With the exception of a few weeks, Layla and Finley have been together since Finley was born. I think it would be best if the two dogs were kept together.

I hope that you can help me to find a loving home for these two.

PH: 818 599 0076



Forrest is a very gentle dog he wasn't treated very well and the owner moved from There home and left tied him and a cat to the front door 🙁 just awful ! I have been fostering him

He's sooo gentle , great with other dogs and cats , kids . Loves all outdoor activities , loves car rides He's is house trained and neutered. He needs a family that can give him lots of love and be active with him 🙂 Forrest weighs about 35 pounds

Forrest and I both thank you so very much for your help !!

Suprina & Forrest

Contact: Joan

forrest1_courtesylisting forrest2_courtesylisting


Leia (or Leeah or Lela). Also goes by Batgirl and Princess
Spayed Female, 4 years old, 10 lbs., Chihuahua-Smooth Coated Deer Faced, Toy 12 inches in length approx.
Microchipped, Vaccinated, Crate Trained; She had a couple of accidents the first days she was with us but has not for more than 3 weeks. We do not have a doggie door so she might have not known how to tell us at first.

Nervous around large hyper dogs that overly sniff her or try to rough-house with her. Is great with smaller dogs and large, relaxed, older dogs. She likes going to the dog park.

Good with children that know how to interact with dogs. She is nervous around kids that are running or quickly approach her.

She is super sweet and loving. Just wants to be right next to you. She keeps up with my much larger dog walking and jogging. She likes the dog park a lot but loves being a lap dog even more. She is a quick learner. She no longer begs for food or comes into kitchen while I am cooking and even does a couple of tricks that my dog does. One of the coolest things about her is that she hasn't barked yet with us, even though our dog barks often and both of our neighbor's dogs bark. She's quiet and sweet as can be.

She is a pocket dog that loves to play fetch with her tiny squeaky ball. She is a cutie to curl up on your lap when you read a book or watch T.V. This little lady is cute, loving, and smart! She is the sweetest little thing and loves to be on your lap! She can do regular sized walks with our dog and doesn't mind being a homebody either...she just wants to be with her person! She has opened up a lot since we started fostering her and she is super confident and just adorable!

leia_courtesylisting leia1_courtesylisting


Mochie and Lychee are lovable pure-bred, miniature Shar Peis. They are brothers that have been together since birth and we’d like to keep them together. They love to play. Mochie, a traditional blue brush coat, likes to fetch balls and Lychee, a rare brown bear-coat, loves to cuddle. They are good guard dogs and yet very friendly and personable with family and familiar faces. They are medium size. We are moving out of the country and need to find a loving home for these beloved family pets. If you might be a right match, please call 805-559-0674 or email


Mochie and Lychee



Meet SPOT... This 5yr old large mixed-breed needs a loving home that won't just leave him in the backyard. He is used to hanging out w/his human, car rids, walks, playing and cuddling. he's obedient, good with other dogs and kids, house-broken, neutered.

If you're looking for a buddy, Spot may be the one... Call 805-701-1457
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