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C.A.R.L.’s Pet Care Center Flooded by Recent Storms

1/6/2016 9:33 pm
Today the facility was hit pretty hard by some heavy flooding. Staff and VCFD worked extremely hard to divert the water flow away from the kennels. All of the dogs are safe, dry and warm. The rain has slowed down and the water levels continue to recede. We are not in any danger and all the dogs are safe. We are extremely grateful for all the assistance from VCFD, staff and volunteers.

A HUGE thank you to the fire department who has made C.A.R.L their number one priority. The flooding is coming from the land above the freeway. The drain under the freeway is not collecting the majority of the water since the water rose so quickly and went over the top and ran off the sides towards us. Keep up-to-date on the status by following our Facebook page.

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